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16 Positive Affirmations To Say Every Day. Plus Reminder Notes Free Printables

Positive Affirmations To Say Every day Printables

Who does not love positive affirmations? 
Every day, when you wake up, get inspired already!

Start your day with positive affirmations. When you are positive the moment you get up,  you can handle whatever life throws you for that day. 

The Positive Affirmations free printable reminder note PDF is an excellent way to start a positive morning.  

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Imagine the benefits you would get for consistently doing that morning routine, looking at your eyes in the mirror while saying strong affirmations that you can do it, that you can endure, and that you will be successful. 

You will soon start believing those words. And they will become your reality. 

Positive affirmations help you endure and end the day accomplished. 

If things are not going your way and you can't change your circumstances, change yourself. Make yourself so strong that nothing can weaken your spirit and no one can put you down. 


Your thoughts influence your emotional state. When you are reminiscing about happy memories, you are smiling and joyful too. 

Your actions are the results of your thoughts and emotion. 

When you are sad, fearful, excited, happy, hopeful, angry, when you are feeling alone, lost, unaccepted, or ignored, whatever you feel inside is the thoughts you feed your mind!

Whatever your circumstances, feed your mind with positive thoughts. Do not let any negativity gets to you. 


I love what Jenny Han said, “I say looking on the bright side of life never killed anybody." 

That is powerful and a realization for all of us. Positive thinking, looking at the brighter side, and being hopeful will lead to better outcomes you will never regret. 

I loved the affirmations on that site. I made them into cute and practical reminder printables that all of us can use. 

Take a look. So cute right?

Download the Positive Affirmations Reminder Notes PDF and use them as your daily reminder to ONLY entertain positive thoughts!

You'll get them all in one download.
Positive affirmations PDF to download Printables

Printable affirmations to keep you positive free reminder notes pdf

Looking for positive affirmations to get you motivated? Download these printable reminder note

Need positive affirmations to keep you positive and blocks negative thoughts? Download these free printable affirmation notes

Affirmation positive pdf that you can download

16 Positive Affirmations To remind yourself to stay positive

Use these positive affirmation free printables to keep you motivated every day

Do you want this reminder notes pdf positive affirmation printables?


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