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How To Organize Your Day Effectively

How To Organize Your Day

When dealing with work, home, kids, finances, and personal matters, distractions are inevitable and that will ruin your productivity. 

Here's how to organize your day effectively when you have so much in your to-do list.

Planning your day is recommended to maximize your time and boost your productivity. 

Mapping out your day will give you a clear direction about what you should slay first.

How to organize your day. Tips to boost your productivity

When you organize your day and your to-do list effectively there will be no more wasting time wondering what to do when you wake up. 

When you plan your day, you are not losing your mind with overwhelming to-do lists. 


With good night habits, you will not be cramming in the morning. For me, this is the most effective but you can scroll down for more.

Here's what you can do:

List down your tasks for the whole month and prioritize. 

To make time for other important events or schedules, delegate unimportant tasks to others and cancel those not contributing to your success. 

By now, you have narrowed down your tasks to the most important ones only. You can now schedule them in your calendar. 

Same process for your daily tasks

List down all the tasks that needed to be done for the day and prioritize. Delegate and cancel. For the remaining important tasks, plan them by hours or time blocking. 

Another way to schedule your day is by organizing your tasks for the morning, afternoon, or evening. 

Don't get distracted

Use the Pomodoro Technique to pressure yourself to focus on the tasks, eliminate the urge to scroll on social media, and avoid getting distracted by time wasters activities. 

Have you tried finishing the most difficult task before completing the easier ones? 

Put the most daunting task on top of your list. Are you delaying a difficult task? I can understand that. 

It is common for us to procrastinate and avoid hard things. But you know what, why don't you do it already and be done with it? It would be a relief!

Having a planner is the most effective way to organize your day. 

No matter what, write your goals and tasks down on a paper or a planner. 

Journal your day and take note of your mistakes and what you want to improve so you can do better the following days. 

Don't complicate your life with so many items on your daily list.  

Follow the four tips above to organize your day effectively.

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