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Kanban Board Free Printables For Your Projects And Goals

Kanban Board Free Printables

Have you heard about Kanban Boards? Kanban board is a popular productivity tool used for projects and personal goals. 

It is great for tracking and monitoring the progress of your tasks. And it boosts your productivity to be able to see all of your projects in one place showing you the progress visually.

In this post, you'll get an idea about:

  • How to use the Kanban board to track the progress of your projects and goals.

  • How easy it is to use the Kanban board to get things done.

  • And you'll get to download Kanban Board free printables. I actually have more free organizing planner printables at the bottom of this post so feel free to download them.

Don't lose this post so you can always find your way back here whenever you need printables, save this post or the pin below on Pinterest. 

There are different ways to use Kanban boards. 

  • A very simple way to use a Kanban Board Method is by using a physical board with vertical boxes for categories to-do, ongoing, and done

Kanban Board For Your Projects and Goals

How Kanban Board Works? 

You should write down all your tasks first in the first column which is the to-do column. Then, when you start working on that task move the task into the second column which is the ongoing or in-progress column, and when that task is done, move it to the last box which is the done column. 

You can also use sticky notes instead of writing tasks on your Kanban Boards. 

Kanban Board App or digital Kanban Boards

Another way is to use an app like the You can create Kanban boards using the app and it is easier to move tabs from the to-do tab to the ongoing and done tab. 

Free Kanban Boards Printables

The Kanban board style that you can start immediately using is my Kanban Board Free printables that you can download on this page. 

Just scroll down to see the Kanban board free pdf and there's a link at the bottom of this page to download them all. 

Print it out and choose a layout or design that you think would work for you. 

There are four layouts that you can alternately use to test which one is best for you. 

The download link is at the bottom. You'll get all 4 layouts. 

Kanban Board Free Printable #1

Kanban Board Free Printables

Kanban Board Free Printable #2

Free kanban board for projects

Kanban Board Free Printable #3

Kanban boards free printables pdf

Kanban Board Free Printable #4

Kanban Board Printables for your household chores
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